How To Avoid Fake Gemstones Sellers Online


To anything you will purchase, one thing is a must, you have to make sure that you are not getting played on especially if the items you are about to purchase come with a price like gemstones.

Even Christopher Nohl, a reputable businessman, would agree that before putting up your money to any investment, you have to know more about it. If you are planning to buy gemstones, you have to make sure that you are buying from the right shop.

People nowadays are dependent online, hence if you are planning to buy a gemstone online, you have to get rid of the fake online shops, as you would not want to end up getting cheated on and losing a huge chunk of your investment.

It is actually recommended that you do your shopping online especially that online shopping comes with many benefits. But of course, since transactions will happen virtually, you have to be sure that the shop where you are buying a gemstone from is worthy to be trusted.

Just to help you in avoiding these fake online gemstone shops, here are some of the things that are highly recommended for you to do:

  • Do not rush

Rushing can end you up to a shop that is fake and not issuing the genuine gemstone you are looking for. Take as much time as you can when looking for a shop. Remember, you are buying a precious gemstone and not just any cheap items.

Do not place an order unless you are done with your investigation and you already know everything about the shop.

  • Read reviews

Reading reviews is also something you can do. There are many platforms where you can find reviews about jewelry shops online. You can even join forums discussing different shops. Of course, if this is the route you are planning to follow, you have to make sure that the reviews you are reading are from trusted personalities or websites.

There are some reviewers who are writing reviews not to help but to market a shop or earn a commission from writing good reviews. Do not get into their bait, you have to make sure that the reviews you are reading are based on facts and personal experiences, nothing else.

  • Call them

Calling them is also something that you can do. Call their customer service and see if they are responsive to calls and emails. If they have a reliable customer service, expect that they are legitimate as no company will put up a business and end up just playing around.

  • Ask for a refund, if proven fake

Go for a shop that gives warranty. Since you are ordering a piece of gemstone you can only see in photos, asking the seller if they allow returns if proven fake is a must. Their refund policy is your safety blanket in the event that the gemstone you received is far from what you see in photos and descriptions they noted for the stone.

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