Gemstones Characteristics That You Need To Know About


Buying a gemstone to give a gift to your business partner, partner in life, family, friends, etc? If so, you have to be ready as you are about to be introduced to the widest array of gemstones you can think of.

Just like businessmen, like Christopher Nohl, you have to know that whatever it is you are paying for is worthy of your money. Gemstones are not cheap, hence you have to make sure that you won’t get fake and pay a price like you purchased a genuine one.

If you want to know more about gemstones, it is highly recommended that you read this article.

Characteristics Of A Gemstone

Basically, there are 7 characteristics of gemstones you need to know, and to name each of them, read below:

  • Color

Yes, gemstones come in different colors, like sapphire, ruby, amethyst and emerald. Actually, professional jewelers use the color of the gemstone to determine its value. There are many gemstones that are colorless such as the delicate sapphire. Colorless gemstones are far less attractive than the brightly colored gemstones, except for diamond, which is the most liked gemstone. Diamond is colorless, but most girls would love to have a piece of it, and yes, it was named as “a woman’s best friend”.

  • Clarity

Almost all gemstones available in the market has inclusions, like fissures or cracks, this may not affect the overall appeal of the gemstone but it may affect its value. There are some gemstones that have very minimal to zero inclusions, but just so you know, its price will go beyond the roof.

  • Cut

Just like diamonds, the cut of the gemstone can enhance its overall look and price. Gemstones are being cut to reveal its beauty and also to make it fit the metal where it will be placed.

  • Carat

Carat is the weight of the gemstone, not the size. There are some gemstones that have the same size but in terms of weight, they are far different. For gemstones, just like diamonds, value is based on its density or carat weight and not its size. So, even if the gemstone is very big, if it has low carats, it is cheaper than the smaller gemstone that has higher carats or heavier.

  • Luster

This on the other hand is determined by the faceting, dispersion, refraction and reflection of the gemstone. The look of a piece is impacted mostly by the luster; hence jewelers find a way to make use of each of the gemstone’s luster when creating pieces of jewelry.

  • Rarity

The rarer the gemstone is, the more expensive it gets. Sure, gemstone collectors would like to have the rarest gemstones, hence will bid for the highest price just to have it in their possession.

  • Hardness

The more resistant the gemstone is to abrasion, the more expensive it gets. The measure of gemstone is measured from one to ten, ten being the hardest. Diamonds is considered to be the hardest, and rated by the Mohs scale as a 10, so you know why not everyone can afford it?

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