A Beginner’s Look on the Best Gemstones to Invest In


One of the best ways to earn money for yourself is through investments. Investing is a pretty common word we hear almost every day with successful figures such as Christoper Nohl who are expert in the field. Prominent figures such as him are good examples of what good investments and management can bring to your financial life.

When it comes to investing, there are many things you can place your money on. One such example is investing on gemstones. Investing on gemstones is similar to investing on stocks. However, unlike the stock market, gemstones aren’t as risk as the finest of gems and jewelry have a history of increasing in value as time passes.

When it comes to investing in gemstones, you would want to find the best one to invest in but with the myriads of gemstones available, it can get pretty confusing to find the best one. We have your back with that with this list here on some of the best gems you can invest in.


Any colored ruby can fetch a good price in the market. Furthermore, rubies are among the safest gemstone investments you can make as their value can hold up pretty well in the market.

Fine colored ruby is probably the rarest of all gems and aren’t as scarce as diamonds making them almost accessible to the general public. Additionally, rubies are seen by collectors as high valued gems and have a better market demand and diamonds.

Examples of rubies you can invest in are Burma rubies, spinals and vivid red which are known as pigeon’s blood as they are prized for their valuable scarlet color.


While emeralds might not be as valuable as rubies, this gemstone has been traditionally marked as a good investment in the market. In particular, the green emerald is usually sought after by collectors.

Furthermore, due to the increasing demand of high-quality emeralds, which are particularly difficult to find in the market, investing on an emerald you find on the gemstone market can be considered a safe move as you are guaranteed your money and more back when you try to auction it off.


Often considered as the opposite of rubies, sapphires are another good gem that you can invest in. Blue sapphires only come second to rubies in terms of popularity, making this color and type of gemstone a good investment for the future.

While a blue sapphire is the most popular type of gemstone to invest in, it is also not a bad idea to invest on other colors. Sapphire can come in a myriad of colors such as green, orange, purple and even pink. These wide range of colors make sapphire appeal to a more diverse crowd making it easy to increase the gem’s value with the right collector.


A list for gems you should invest in wouldn’t be complete without diamonds. Perhaps the highest valued gem on the list, diamonds are probably one of the best type of gemstones you can invest in, provided you have the fund necessary to do that.

Both regular colorless and colored variant of the gemstone are good investments as prominent figures such as celebrities embrace the stone for its high-profile nature which increase its value several folds. The diamond’s high-profile and quality makes it the most expensive gem to appeal and sell to collectors making the money you spent easily recovered.

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