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This website and blog are created for information about fine minerals and gems by expert Christopher Nohl.  Here you will find articles about gems and fine minerals curated by Christopher in the Blog Archives, and information about Christopher Nohl on the About Page.  If you need to get in touch with Christopher, just click the link below to get to the contact page.

Who is it for?

The website and blog here is for all those who are interested in gems and fine minerals. Whether you are in the industry, or a prospective buyer, you will find information here which should be interesting to you and help you learn more about gems and fine minerals. For those that would like to read the blog archive you will find articles about gems and minerals curated by Christopher Nohl. The Blog tab will take you to the archives, and if you would like to contact Christopher, you can fill out the form on the contact page and he will get back to you shortly.


Christopher Nohl

christopher nohl

Christopher Nohl

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Businessman & Entrepreneur

Christopher is an entrepreneur and business owner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He has spent many years in the gem and fine mineral business, is Treasurer of the Wisconsin Geological Society, and co-curator and lapidary artist at Chrysalis Boutique.


Learn About Fine Minerals

Fine minerals can be some of the most beautiful creations in nature.  The range of sizes, colors, and rarities can make each mineral unique to it’s own.  If you are delving into the world of fine minerals, we have a lot of content that will help you along your way, with tips and information that will help you learn more about collecting, dealing, or investing in fine minerals.  You can find all of this information and more on our Blog Archives about Fine Minerals.


Information About Gems

For everyone who has a passion for cut and polished mineral crystals, you will find everything you are looking for here as well.  Along with being on the team of Wisconsin’s Geological Society, Christopher Nohl is his company’s lapidary artist.  Our Blog has all the information you will need about shaping and polishing minerals into the gemstones that we know and love.  We discuss rarity, luster, hardness, and all of the unique qualities which make gems the spectacular luxury items that we love today.


Learn More About Fine Minerals and Gems

You are welcome to get in touch with Christopher Nohl if you are an investor, dealer, miner, geologist or have an interest in the subjects of gems and fine minerals.  Christopher loves new business opportunities and networking with people that share his passion for gems and minerals.  If you would like to contact Christopher, head over to the Contact Page and fill out the form, and he will get back to you soon.


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